• Gybl4: gybl4
  • Commodity number: 30706938040
  • Shop: Guangyi gift flagship store
  • Gross weight: 274.00g
  • Origin of goods: Chinese mainland
  • Article No.: gybl844
  • Type: straight cup
  • Material: 304STAINLESS steel
  • Capacity: 301-400ml
  • Applicable crowd: female, student
  • Insulation time: 6-12 hours
  • Function: with lifting rope
  • Applicable scenario: General
  • Domestic / imported: Domestic

The logistics speed is fast, the service attitude of the delivery personnel is also good, the quality is reliable, it is worth having.

2020-07-05 08:24:22

It's a very beautiful and lovely Korean version of a small and lovely water cup. My little daughter likes this pot Belley very much Cupzi, I bought her pink-320ml at the end of last year, which was enough to drink for a whole day at school. But the child was too careless and careless. It took only half a year to start school in May. In these few days, she broke the cup cover and cup, and the bottom of the cup cracked. I planned to go to the original seller's shop to buy it again. I found that the price was increased to eight yuan for two dampness, but I couldn't help it when I got to school in May As like as two peas boiling water, boiling water for 2 hours is no longer a problem. Now it is not necessary to keep warm for 2 hours in summer, and now it is necessary to put the cold water into the water for two days. In winter, it is also poured into the water that is not hot. The children bring this beautiful and lovely thermos cup to school. Parents are relieved that they don't have to worry about their children's thirst and lack of water to drink. The store also sent small plastic cup mats, sponge swabs and cartoon expression stickers, which are very good stores and will patronize them when necessary in the future.

2020-07-01 01:41:20

Capacity size: Yes

2020-06-28 15:02:41

The quality is very good. It is completely consistent with the description. I really like it. I really like it. It completely exceeds the expected value. The delivery speed is very fast. The packing is very careful and tight. Jingdong has a good delivery service attitude. The delivery speed is very fast. I'm very satisfied with a shopping. The store is very trustworthy and very good. I'm very satisfied with buying Dongdong in Jingdong~

2020-06-26 19:28:21

I love it. It's super thermal. It's still hot from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m

2020-06-22 19:44:37

The cup is small and lovely, very childish!

2020-06-19 14:17:22

The cup is small and lovely, like a small toy, very childish!

2020-06-19 14:16:58

I like the cup very much. It's convenient and inexpensive.

2020-06-18 11:50:16

Beautiful and generous, good quality.

2020-06-16 17:10:06

Sealing performance: it's a pity that there is little concave on the surface to avoid replacement.

2020-06-16 15:45:59